Technology scouting - the smart way


Find technologies with certain properties and for certain use cases using natural language


Analyze a technology in depth. Find trends, analyze relationships, identify hotspots, and much more.


Use the Bass Diffusion Model and other tools to see how technologies develop.

Find technologies using natural language

Search for technologies by asking human-readable questionsInclude properties, desired solutions, and much more to get even better results.

Forecast diffusion

Combine Researchly's data with the Bass Diffusion Model to see how a technology might develop.

Identify hotspots and vacuums

See which technological areas receive the most attention to know where to focus your R&D.

Analyze relationships between technologies and products

See how technologies converge and which products emerge to know where the industry is heading.

Analyze use cases and trends

See which use cases for a technology are rising and falling so that you can evaluate whether it fits your corporate strategy.

Understand history

See a technology's major milestones to understand its development.